Friday, December 02, 2005

What's the Pragmatic way out of Iraq?

Now, there's a loaded question for you.

Let's make the following assumption:

The preponderance of the evidence suggests that a U.S. withdrawal before Iraq’s armed forces and police are ready to secure the country will result in terrorist-friendly anarchy and hurt American interests.

So, the question is, how do we move forward. It seems to me that the only real way to secure the country and prevent a terrorist-friendly anarchy – if it’s possible at all – is to put another 250,000 troops in the country and REALLY take control. They already think we’re occupiers – bad ones apparently – let’s do the job right. Squash the “rejectionists” – now there’s a ridiculous word – and give those who at least want some form of democratically governed country a chance. This should have happened 2 years and 9 months ago, but Rumsfeld/Cheney et al had their heads up their asses with PNAC mumbo-jumbo swirling in their tiny little minds.

Yes, I know we were lied to going in. Yes, the entire Bush administration is comprised of idiots - each and every one of them - and by the way wouldn’t the law of averages suggest at least a few would have a functional brain?

But, and it's really sad to be where we are, we're there now. Let's adjust the Murtha plan just a little. Bring in overwhelming force for 12 months - squash the rebels, whoever they are - get the election done properly, and phase ourselves out by June 2007. We can do that can't we? After all the rule is "you break it, you bought it". The mess on the floor is ours. Let's clean it up like grownups.

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