Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gonzales and the new blue dress...

You can't say politics isn't both interesting and karmic in its own way. Looks like Bush gets to have his Monica moment too. Just not the good times as it were.

The more details that come out on this whole USA firing fiasco the bigger the stink gets. I can see why Bush is desperately hanging on to Gonzales and our new Monica is planning to take the 5th. This administration may well fall on this case.

BTW, I am not so sure she actually even invoke the 5th, and even if she can, I see the Senate giving her immunity and forcing truthful testimony out of her. There is no way some very big fish in this administration are not caught in this net.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Back on the air

My self imposed hiatus is over. I'm still a pragmatic liberal...I lean left, but believe in evidence based policies and plans for this country. My philosophy is inclusive of all people, and that includes conservatives!

I try to always keep up a civil communication with my conservative friends; many times it's more a matter of degree than outright policy that separates us. If we not at polar opposites on an issue there is more hope of finding areas of agreement.

That being said, there are beliefs I hold that truly are the polar opposite of some conservatives. As you might guess, they are the so-called moral issues of abortion and same-sex marriage. Conservatives who hold religious beliefs so strongly that they would legislate those beliefs into law simply cannot and will not ever try to look at the other side. For that reason, I waste no time having the conversation. I simply work my behind off the elect public officials that won't legislate religious beliefs.

So, that's my definition of a pragmatic liberal What's your?