Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Self-deportation is a JOKE

I just watched a segment on the Rachel Maddow show. "Self-deportation" comes from a satirical campaign by a group calling themselves "Hispanics Against Liberal Takeover". Lalo Alcaraz and Esteban Zul started a mock campaign in favor of California's Proposition 187, which would deny illegal immigrants use of schools and hospitals. Back in 1994 Pete Wilson failed to know satire when he saw it. Now, Mitt Romney is proving he lacks a sense of humor too. He is also showing a complete lack of empathy for anyone not making millions. What a surprise....

Obama showing strength

President Obama is showing real strength right now. He is making the case for helping the forgotten middle class.

Romey is the "winner"

The day after the Florida primary we can see that massively negative advertizing works. It’s true that Newt is a fatally flawed candidate, but none the less he was simply destroyed during the Florida primary. This tells me one thing. Mitt Romney has no moral center whatsoever. He literally will do and say anything to win the nomination. He might not see this as a negative now, but when the general election campaign begins it will come to the fore. There is no reason to take Romney out of context. His statements speak for themselves. He has no interest in the poor in this country. He has no interest in the middle class despite his protestations to the contrary. He lives in the world of the super rich and really has no understanding or interest in any other social class in this country. Sadly, that makes him the perfect candidate for the Republican Party.