Tuesday, October 17, 2006

2006 Elections

Is the perfect storm about to hit? I have had my reservations all along; particularly in light of the fiasco in 2004 but I think I'm coming around to the notion that yes, the perfect storm is brewing.

It's not just the ongoing horrible news coming out of Iraq, though that's bad enough. And it not the constant drip drip of dirty Republican politicians doing the perp walk these days. I do think these things are driving the voters toward the Democrats.

I am basing much of my cautious optimism on the recent spate of discussion among conservative pundits. Partly about how bad they think the Republicans are doing (and they're right!), but mostly - and my sample consists of just one blogger - upon the writings of a rabid conservative who has never shown a hint of concern before about the outcome of the November elections.

Now I'm reading about how unpredictable the polls are; how the GOTV action for the Republicans will save the day; how a statement from him like this, "A Democratic tsunami is still a possibility, of course." is tantum out to an admission that the Republicans are in serious trouble.

I'm not about to bet the farm or even a couple of bucks on the outcome, but I'm coming round to the idea that I won't be waking up the Wednesday after elections with a stunning headache.