Thursday, December 30, 2004

2005, the Repubicans, and the Iraq War

I have been reading 2005 predictions, mostly by conservatives for entertainment.There is one thread that runs through them - the need to "reframe" their position on Iraq. Of course they work hard to make it sound positive and even intelligent but, to no avail.I have distilled the many predictions down to a few senetences; reframed by a liberal.

The neocons/conservatives/Republicans will back track dramatically from their current posture on world Democratization/Iraq War and 1) assume no blame, and in fact blame the CIA for the whole mess, 2) downplay the whole mess as an error in judgment - never mind the tens of thousands of dead Iraqi citizens and thousands of dead US soldiers, 3) try to save face at home, but still ignore the rest of the world, 4) continue to bash Democrats for being against the Iraq War for "the wrong reason", and lastly 5) invent a new name and mission for our foreign/military policy (pragmacons) in hopes that we forget about the incredible fiasco they created by the time 2008 rolls around.

That pretty much covers it. It's our job to point out the shear stupidity of the conservatives and give the American people a simple, clear vision for our foreign/military policy. We must at all costs not accept any excuses or be seen as being in agreement with any of this. This is our opportunity to take the foreign policy/war on terror away from the Republicans.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Inside the Beltway Democrats

As I read the papers I see that the Inside the Beltway Dems are once again trying to annoint someone as DNC Chairman. It is a shame they have absolutely NO idea what Democrats out here in the real world are thinking.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Thoughts of a Pragmatic Liberal

It would be nice if we liberals could just settle on a description of who we are. It's not nearly that simple though. Liberals come in all sizes and shapes. We range from those so far to the left that they look a look like socialists to those so moderate that they are hard to tell from the "moderate Republicans".
The question then, where does the Pragmatic Liberal fit into the mix. I've thought a lot about this, and I'm not at all sure that the Pragmatic Liberal fits very well at all, but I find that the term "liberal" still is accurate if not very descriptive. As a Pragmatic Liberal, I would say that my basic tenant is one of "liberally" picking and choosing from the entire spectrum of the political philosophy, from the left to the right.
To many "liberals" this is heresy at the worst and disingenuous at the least. But, I don't feel that way, and talking with other "liberals" I find a good deal of agreement with my views. So, then, what are my views?

1. I do not want the federal government involved in any part of my personal life.
2. I do want the federal government to play an active role in developing and maintaining the social safety net.
3. I do want the federal government to use the tax code collect taxes from those who earn income from investments as well as those who earn income from working. I want both incomes taxed equally, and I want the tax rates set up to take more from those who earn more.
4. I do want some from of national health care system. I'm open to how it will be developed.
5. I do want the federal government to provide for our national defense, but want all military action to be approved by the legislature before we take any action.
6. I tend toward a more original reading of the Constitution, and am not intrinsically in favor of the more liberal interpretation of the Constitution.
7. I do want the federal budget to be balanced each year.
8. I do want the paying down of the national debt to be a priority.
9. I do want the federal government to develop an immigration policy that takes into consideration the illegal immigrant problem, and I do see it as a problem.
10. I do want our foreign policy to place our security first, but know that our security will not be found if we do not rejoin the other nations of the world.

As you can see, I take positions from the liberal, conservative, and libertarian wings of the political spectrum. You might ask, how can you holds these positions simultaneously? Don't you feel conflicted on issues? I don't because I don't allow myself to be labeled with tradition political labels. Hence, the name Pragmatic Liberal. It's not from either side of the spectrum, but it is of the whole spectrum, and I'm quite comfortable with my philosophy.