Monday, May 02, 2005

Presidental Odds in 2008

I found a good site that keeps track of odds on who will win the 2008 Presidential Race. There is only one odds maker right now, and Hillary is the favorite - no surprise there - but I'm sure more will start following things soon. Here's the link: Odds Checker

Politics is always serious stuff, but it's great political theater too. And, I'm sure those who figure out the odds do their homework, after all there's real money attached to those odds.

Hillary '08 President

Let me be the first, OK, not the first, but an early blogger to state that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic presidential candidate in 2008. And, she will be the winner. I know most Dems right now are leary, and the conservatives hope she will be the candidate. I have two things to say; to the Dems - she is the logical and right candidate, and to the conservatives - be careful what you wish for.