Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Robert Novak - speaker of the truth?

I see that today Robert Novak did a little more talking about Plamegate. In a nut shell, he is convinced that Bush knows who the White House leaker is.

Now, isn't that grounds for impeachment? Did he not swear to uphold the law and defend this country? Certainly not coming forward with this information falls into one of those categories doesn’t' it?

And, now Bush has decided to accept responsibility for going to war on faulty intelligence. Isn't this just another way of actually avoiding responsibility? Bush has done nothing more than blame the CIA, etc. Not one word about the cherry picking of intelligence. Nothing about Cheney pressuring CIA employees. Nothing about Bolton pushing all the wrong buttons. Nothing about knowing that at least some of the claims he made were false.

Robert Novak may occasionally speak the truth, but I don't see Bush ever doing the same, unless it somehow helps him.

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