Friday, December 23, 2005

Bush Administration is 0-2

I'm talking about their plans to install the Iraqi leader of their choice.

Remember Ahmed Chalabi? His political group got just 0.36 percent of the votes in Baghdad and just 0.34 percent of the vote in Basra. So, he's out.

But what of our more recent favorite Allawi? This is from a joint press conference in Sept. 2004 (Bush is speaking), " Thank you all for coming. I'm honored to stand with the Prime Minister of a free and sovereign Iraq. Welcome, Mr. Prime Minister. I applaud your leadership and your courage. It's my honor to welcome a friend to the White House."

According to early election results, "The secular coalition led by Ayad Allawi, the former prime minister, had won only meager support in crucial provinces where it had expected to do well, including Baghdad."

Is our government ready to accept the vote of the Iraqi people if it means they set up a Shite Muslim theocratic government? We don't actually have a choice do we? Or are we prepared to throw that government out of office too, hoping for the perfect western style democracy we planned on?

There's an old phrase around, "Be careful what you wish for." It seems pretty applicable to our current situation in Iraq. We've bled the blood of thousands of our citizen soldiers, lost the lives of thousands more - all for this moment. Did we get our money's worth? NO, NO, NO.

How many ways are there to say NO.? It is simply not possible to list the ways in which the Bush Administration has screwed up. Those behind this ridiculous failed scheme won't be held accountable, and won't lose a minutes sleep either. And that's really sad.

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