Monday, December 12, 2005

The Iraqi's and American's agree one Thing

A majority of citizens in both countries want the US military out of Iraq. So, what's the hang up? To me it doesn't even matter what reasons are given. A case can and has already been made by Rep. Murtha that our military was assigned the task of getting rid of WMD's and Hussein. Being as there were no WMD's and Hussein has been deposed, our military succeeded in their assigned task - brilliantly I think.

Our failures come from the fact the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/PNAC have attempted to assign the military a non-military task. Somehow our soldiers are now "soldiers for democracy and the American Way" Asking the military to perform tasks they are not intended nor trained for has set up an impossible situation. It's been so long since their military victory that we tend to forget what a good job they did in their assigned task.

Bush’s big mistake (in Iraq) was not pulling the troops out the day he stood on that air craft carrier with his "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" sign behind him. But, that time has come and gone now - our standing in the world is damaged badly, and our military is stuck in Iraq.

Let' get behind the politicians calling for a rapid phased withdrawal and get out of Iraq now.

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