Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cable News

I watch CNN's World News Hour pretty regularly, and I think it gives a balanced view of the news. Particularly when talking about US news it strives to discuss and report both the administration's as well as the European/world views on issues.

Today Bush spoke to the Council on Foreign Relations and made what seems to be a very poor attempt to somehow compare Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor and Saddam Hussein. It did not appear to go over very well. Of course it wouldn't and shouldn’t because the two have absolutely nothing to do with one another. This silly comparison must have been thrown into the speech by Bush's new PR professor.

If the American people think we're fighting WW2 all over again maybe they will get behind the President, support him, and ignore all the bad news and deaths of US soldiers and Iraqi citizens. That's a big if - mostly because the Iraq war looks so much more like Vietnam than WW2

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