Thursday, December 15, 2005

Clooney (yes, the actor) speaks, but not for me

George Clooney: "I hate it when smart men and women are saying, ‘Well, if I knew then what I know now.' The fact is: I knew it then and I don’t have national security clearance. . . Basically, the Democrat leadership was scared [of criticizing Bush] and it’s too bad, because it’s come back to haunt them."

I do think it's necessary to flesh out that thought. Did he know Bush wouldn't follow the congressional resolution he pushed through? Did he know Bush would cherry-pick evidence when citing reasons to invade Iraq? Did he know that Bush would have NO plan for Iraq after we threw Hussein out of power?

Looking back, I have to say that I bought the Colin Powell presentation to the UN. I thought that man had too much integrity to sit there and lie to the whole world.

I can honestly say "if I knew then what I know now" about the war I would have pushed my congressman and Senators to vote NO.

Should I have known better? Absolutely - I didn't vote for Bush in 2000 (or 2004). I think he's an idiot. But, I wanted to believe our government wasn't so inept, so thoughtless about human life, so careless with these countries citizens, its money, and our good standing in the world. I was foolish and I was fooled.

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