Monday, November 14, 2005

What is it about Bush?

I ask myself this question more often than I want to. Is he really as uniformed as he seems? Is he really as simple as he seems? How on earth did this country end up with a leader so clearly unqualified for the position? And, for the life of me, can anyone tell me why conervatives of any stripe other than the evangelical right continues to suport him?

These questions seem reasonable to me. Being a Pragmatic Liberal I don't seek nor expect perfection from my elected officals, especially ones I don't vote for, but Bush isn't even on the charts of those potentially qualified to lead this country.

I can heartily disagree with an elected officical and still acknowledge that they are qualified for the job. But not Bush.

Only, 1100 days or so to go? Can the country take it? Can I?


Anonymous said...

I do wonder about his mental health. There are suggestions that he is more isolated than ever.

Anonymous said...

Gee, you really do have to check your spelling before you post: "agian" for "again" and "conervative" for "conservative"?