Monday, November 07, 2005

Clinton hatred - and reality

I mean Bill Clinton. In my daily foray on to The Corner I see that Jonah Goldberg has posted an email from someone who saw Clinton speak at Butler University last night. A couple of things jump out - the emailer obviously doesn't like Clinton and as a result does not report the speech accurately. More important though, Goldberg passes the email and comments on it without taking two seconds to see if the emailer is even accurate. His own hated of Clinton blinds him to the idea that the emailer may be wrong.

I see this behavior on both the right and the left. We overlay everything we see, hear, or read with our own pre-determined view of the topic. I'm no less guilty I have to say. The point is, do we stand a chance of having an actual discussion about issues and candidates when none of us really come to the table with an open mind?

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