Sunday, November 20, 2005

Backyard Fighting

This last week has shown the American public a couple of things:

Democrats aren't afraid of Bush or Republicans in Congress any more.

* Republicans have lost their way in all things political.

Rep Murtha's resolution was certainly a BIG deal. But, the Republicans took something that was mostly inside the Beltway and moved it out across the country. The Congress spoke for hours about Iraq. It's less about the content of the discussion and more about the fact that the DISCUSSION was out there for the public to see.

It stayed on the news and in the public eye for close to a week. This is just one more indication that the Republicans and Bush have lost control of the agenda. Are we hearing anything about Social Security "reform" these days? How about tax "reform"?

The Democrats are taking control of the public's view of what goes on in Wsahington. They must speak clearly, with one voice, and make it abundantly clear that America will be a better country under Democratic leadership.

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