Tuesday, January 10, 2006

King George

"It is slowly becoming clear that the Bush administration's real goal is not winning the right to torture, or to spy on Americans, or to lock people up without recourse. It is absolute power."

This is from a Salon opinion piece about the push for absolute power. The old saying, absolute power corrupts absolutely is particularly apt for this president. Here's a man raised in wealth and privilege; never having to actually be responsible for any of his actions. The thought that he would have of himself as truly above the law isn't surprising. Nor is it surprising that he feels himself to be the chosen one. Barbara always treated him that way. So has Laura.

The unfortunate part comes in when he takes these dysfunctional beliefs and adds that to the fact that he isn't even really a properly elected president. Truly, why would we think he would behave differently? His intellect won't allow it; it upbringing won't allow it, and his entourage won't allow it either.

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