Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Kerry and 2008

I want to believe I've heard it wrong. That there's no way John Kerry would even think about running again. Not after running one of the worst campaigns I have ever seen. The man DIDN'T RESPOND to the Swift Boat attacks. What does that say about his ability to respond to a threat as President?

I'll be up front though. I voted for him in 2004. It was clear that we needed to get Bush out of office - and I'm not really prescient, I just didn’t want the power grab to continue, as it apparently has.

Let someone else run as the Democratic candidate. Someone who will strike back at those who launch unfounded attacks. Someone who isn't afraid of upsetting some wing of the party. Someone who realizes that the very liberal wing of the party is going to vote for whoever wins the nomination. What other choice do they have? Nader? Never again.

I want someone strong enough to respond to the filth dished out by the fundamentalist rightwing whackos.

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